Need to Fuck

"But mooom" Lucy whined on the phone.

"No buts, Lucy. I need you to stay home tonight. Your uncles will be staying over, and your father and I will only be able to get home in the morning. It's not nice to leave them alone in the house so you can see your boyfriend."

"It's not like they'd miss me. They've been watching TV for hours." Lucy said, even more frustrated than she was before.

"I don't want to hear it anymore. You're staying with your uncles and that's final. And be nice to them..." Next thing Lucy heard was the disconnect tone as her mother hung up on her.

Lucy wanted to scream. She really needed to see her boyfriend and the thought of staying home playing hostess to her uncles instead was unbearable.

"Why do you need to see that boy so much anyways?" Her Uncle Jamie sneer. "You just talked to him."

Talking to Jake wasn't enough for her. She had waited all week to go out and get the chance to fuck. Lucy was horny and her uncle's comment just made her mad. "I need to kiss... and fuck." She said under her breath, but as she saw her uncles turn to her, she knew they heard her.

"Oh really?" He started to smile. "We can help with that." He got up and started towards her and she didn't know what to think. What would he do?

Suddenly he grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her to him right before his mouth clamped down on hers. She meant to pull away and fight, but even more than the action, she was taken by surprise with the warmth of his mouth and softness of his lips. The kiss felt good. And when he shoved his tongue in her mouth, waiting to have hers in his so he could suck, the kiss got even better.

"We can help with the fucking too." Uncle Brian said from behind and she could feel him holding her hips and pressing his cock against her ass. His hand found its way into her shorts and then her panties to gently massage her clit. She also felt a set of lips on her neck. More soft lips.

She was already so horny, but in a matter of seconds, they managed to get her wetter than she had ever been in her life. Jake was the last thing in her mind now.

As her uncle Jamie pulled away from the kiss, he could see she was lost in lust and they could do whatever they wanted to her. He unzipped his jeans and heard his niece moan when his cock sprang into view. It wasn't very long, but it was fat and he knew it would stuff his niece's tight little pussy just right. It didn't take much encouragement to get Lucy to her knees, taking his cock in her mouth. Brian stood back for a few seconds, enjoying the image of his niece's head bobbing on a cock, then he took his own cock in his hand and guided her hand, so she was stroking it while sucking his brother's cock.

Lucy took turn sucking both their cocks, never letting either one go. After just a few minutes she started to squirm, because she was so horny, her pussy actually hurt.

"Please, fuck me." She begged.

Her uncles were more than happy to oblige. Jamie sat on the couch while Brian lifted her skirt and slowly took off her panties. He guided her to bend and she took her uncle Jamie's cock back in her mouth while Uncle Brian played with her pussy. He gave it a few licks and sucked her clit into his mouth. Lucy would have screamed in pleasure, but Uncle Jamie was holding her head in place, shoving his cock deep in her throat. As soon as he let her go to breathe, Uncle Brian shoved his cock in her tight pussy, and she gasped. She came the second his balls slapped her clit. He held in place for a few seconds then started to pound her.

Jamie made her take his cock out of her mouth and just stroke. He didn't want to cum yet. He had been thinking of her mouth on his cock ever since he saw her sucking her boyfriend's cock in the back yard a few months back.

"Come on, sit on my cock" Jamie instructed.

Brian let his cock slid out of her pussy and helped her climb on his brother's lap.

"You're too big, Uncle Jamie." Lucy whined, but she still kept pressing her pussy down on his cock. If she wasn't so wet, it would be hard to fit it all, but her juices helped her slowly down until she was sitting on her uncle's lap.

As she started to ride her uncle's fat cock, Brian spread her ass cheek and spit on her little asshole, he massaged it slowly and worked one finger in.

"What are you doing Uncle Brian." Lucy asked, worried.

"I'm getting your ass ready for my cock."

"I-I-I... I've never taken a cock in my ass. Please uncle Brian... Your cock is too big."

"Don't worry, it will be ready." He got down on his knees and started to suck his niece's asshole, taking some of her juices to make it wetter before he worked his finger in again.

"Jamie, make her cum again." Brian advised.

As his brother sped up his trusts, Brian worked another finger in her niece's ass, then slowly worked in one more. He finger-fucked her in sync with his brother and as soon as she started to shake with another orgasm, he took his finger out and replaced it with his cock.

Lucy couldn't believe how much her little body was able to take. She had too large cocks pounding her holes and she could actually feel another orgasm building up. She knew she would be ruined after they were done with her. Her boyfriend's cock would never be enough again.

"You dirty little slut!" Uncle Jamie moaned, "You're going to make both your uncles cum."

"She's going to swallow it all" Uncle Brian added.

Before she could process what her uncle was demanding of her, the men moved her to the floor and made her get on her knees, Brian trusted his cock in her mouth a few times until he unloaded his cum deep down her throat. She coughed a little, but managed to swallow it all.

Jamie loved seeing that, but he wanted to see his cum on her, so he had her suck on his balls until he finally splashed cum on her face.

Both men sat on the couch grinning and Lucy got up, heading to her room to clean up. She wouldn't stay clean for too long though, as soon as she got out of the shower and stepped into her bedroom, her uncles were ready to fuck her again, and they knew they had all night with her.


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